Books for a Better Life

At Blue Heron Wholistic Living, you can find the connection between ancient times and modern times. There are books available to bring harmony in your life or heal your life with love and patience.

Blue Heron Wholistic Living

Ancient Wisdoms

Tapping on ancient knowledge can bring back the peace and harmony that the planet needs. Find relevant tips to help today’s people heal the earth. This book delves into the destruction and misuse of the planet and its resources and looks into the gaps in knowledge between indigenous and modern societies.

Ancient Wisdom
Inner Bridges

Inner Bridges

An innovative book incorporating humor and tips that help you make effective changes in your daily life. Learn the secrets of living a simple and balanced life. Bring peace and harmony into your world. You can find balance and free yourself of ego and greed.

Ayurveda Demystified

Introducing ideas from one culture to another is not always simple to accomplish and invariably calls for modification. This book helps you create balance in your life. It helps you understand the basics of this “Science of Life”. Find out for yourself.

Ayurveda Demystified
Within & Beyond Revisited

Within & Beyond: The Connection Revisited

These are exciting pieces of channeled information, interpreted for human understanding. Within & Beyond: The Connection and Within & Beyond: Revisited 2nd Edition are not about just the physical attributes of humans, they are the whole being, the three basic facets – physical, mental, and spiritual.