About the Author & Books

Whoever said that we are better working independently is slightly misguided. I have been an acknowledged psychic for more than 30 years. Prior to that, I had kept quiet about the information I received and shared with a few trusted ones. It was my husband who encouraged my work and motivated me to become a workshop leader and speaker.

Bill (my husband), my readers, and I now enjoy the benefits.

Gayle Redfern
Blue Heron Wholistic Living

My Learning Gifts

As a conscious channel, I combine these gifts with the learning.

  • University degrees in psychology
  • Training in Ayurveda
  • Floral and crystal essences
  • Balancing the energy of the body
  • Counseling

My early publications were completely channeled. As I gradually started trusting my guides more, I moved away from just receiving the titles only to sources of pertinent data.

All the information that I provide is to maintain balance of body, mind, and spirit with the planet.

The Motivating Tool

The most recent and powerful instructions were from the elders from the four corners, pleading with humans to act responsibly and undo the damage done to the Earth.

This information led to motivating elders and community laymen to discover how to ask pertinent questions or share information. Not only was the information isolated within a community, but it showed how we all are linked together, and additionally it is a motivating tool to heal the planet.

About The Books

Ancient Wisdoms, Exploring the Mysteries and Connections, my last published publication, the fourth, provides details of the philosophical links. 

The current book, Let the Past Speak with Ancient Wisdom from Ancient Voices provides in-depth details of the four corners, motivating both elders and the layman to ask the pertinent questions, the questions which provide details and lead to the actual steps of healing between humans and the planet. 

To research your questions or book a workshop or meet the speaker, send an email to gayleredfern@gmail.com